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Thank you for visiting this webpage. Please read the Terms and Conditions contained in this document carefully as each time you use this website you are accepting the Terms and Conditions laid out herein.

– Privacy Policy of the webpage

Any personal or material information sent to the webpage of matra museography will be protected by the company’s privacy policy and personal information policy.

– Accuracy, completeness and up-to-date status of the information

Although all means at our disposal to assure the accuracy and completeness of the information of this webpage are employed we cannot assume any responsibility in the case in which the information contained herein is no accurate or complete.

– Transmission

Any material or non-personal contact that is transmitted to this webpage via email or any other means, including personal data, questions, comments, suggestions or similar, is and will be treated as non-confidential and bereft of any property rights.

– Intellectual property rights

All author’s rights and other intellectual property rights in relation to the texts, images, logo and general materials contained within this website are the property matra museography or have been included with the authorization of their corresponding owners.

The navigation of this website, the reproduction of extracts by printing and the downloading to hard drives or distribution of material is allowed only under the express condition that all notes relative to author and property rights are preserved intact. The registered mark of the company must appear in any reproductions. The reproduction distribution or selling of any part of the website with a profit motive is prohibited.

It must not be assumed, under any circumstances, that any of the content on this website carries any authorization or right to use any of the commercial brands incorporated into the webpage. The use or abuse of the registered brands shown on this webpage, as in any other content from the same, apart from that outlined in these Terms and Conditions, is strictly prohibited. matra museography will defend their intellectual property rights by means of the most rigorous methods permitted by law.

– Links with other webpages

The links that exist on the webpage of matra museography may carry users outside the company’s network and systems. In such cases matra museography does not accept any responsibility in relation to the content, accuracy or working status of the pages of third parties. The links are provided in good faith and matra museography cannot be responsible for modifications that are produced in a posterior moment by third parties for which they provide a link. The inclusion of a link to connect to other websites does not imply the assumption of responsibilities in relation to these web pages on the part of matra museography. We strongly advise that users are informed and that they carefully read the legal notes and privacy policy of all the websites they visit.

– Guarantees and freedom from responsibility

The user is solely responsible for their own risk.

– Guarantees

This webpage is offered “whenever possible” and “as is” and as such matra museography does not give guarantees of any kind be they explicit, implicit, legal or of any type (including guarantees implicit in the commercialization or satisfaction of levels of quality and adequacy in any particular field) including guarantees or commitments that the material on this website will be complete, exact, trustworthy, up to date, respectful of third party rights, that the access to this webpage will not suffer interruptions, will not present errors and will be free of viruses, that this page will be secure and that any opinion or advice on the part of matra museography obtained from this website will be exact or reliable, and for all of the above it is expressly indicated that matra museography does not assume any commitment or guarantee in relation to the aspects above listed.

– Responsibility

Both matra museography and any other third parties implicated in the creation, production or distribution of the webpage in our name will not be responsible in any way, in any case, for direct, accidental, consecutive, indirect, special or punitive damages, nor for costs, losses or responsibilities in whatever form in which access is achieved, the use or incapacity of use, of changes to the material on this webpage or to any other webpage to which access is gained via a link on this webpage or of the maximum reach of the applicable legislation, or motivated by any measure we take or fail to take as a result of any message that is sent to us via email.

matra museography along with any third party implicated in the creation, production or distribution of this web site will take no responsibility in relations to maintaining material and services which are available on this page or to make corrections, updates or eliminations of the same. Any material contained on this website is subject to change without previous warning.

matra museography will not take any responsibility, under any circumstances, for any damage suffered as a consequence of any virus that may have infected your computer or other devices that are your property as a result of the access, use or downloads of any material from this webpage. If you choose to download material from this web page this action is carried out at your exclusive risk.

As allowed under the maximum weight of the law, rights to make any kind of reclamation against matra museography and their responsible parties, directors, employees, providers and programmers that could be derived from the use or access to this page is here expressly renounced.

– Prohibited activities

It is prohibited to carry out any act that, in the judgement of matra museography could be considered inappropriate or could be considered illegal or which is prohibited in accordance with the legislation applicable to this web page, including, in a non-limiting fashion, the following:

  • Any act that constitutes incompliance with privacy (including the transfer to the page of information that is private without the authorization of affected parties) or of any other of the legal rights enjoyed by physical persons.
  • Use of this page to defame matra museography or any other physical person, or behavior in a manner that discredits the good name of any person.
  • Transference to the web page of any files that carry virus that could cause property damage to matra museography or to the property of other persons.
  • The uploading to this web page of any non-authorized material including, but not limited to, material that in our judgement could cause prejudice or annoyance or violations of the security of the matra museography network or that of third parties, material that is defamatory, threatening, of pornographic content or that presents any other illegal form in general.

– Update to the legal advice

We reserve the right to make changes and corrections with this note. Please consult this page on an occasional basis to revise this and other new additional material.

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