matra museografía

As Pablo Palazuelo explains, “in Sanskrit the word matra means measure (metre), and is also the etymological equivalent of matter; ie ‘measure of matter “. The experience of the ‘matter measure “(matra) is thus geometry”.

We are a company dedicated to the design and management of exhibition projects. We understand the exhibition project as a meeting place between different creative forms and skills, research or execution. With over twenty years of experience we have had the opportunity to work with the Louvre Museum in Paris, IVAM, MNAC, La Caixa Foundation or the CCCB in Barcelona. Thus, among our most well-known projects, Sorolla.Vision of Spain (produced by the Bancaja Foundation in Valencia, in collaboration with the Hispanic Society of America, stands out. This exhibition has been shown at the MNAC in Barcelona, ​​the Fine Arts Museum in both Bilbao and Seville and the Centre for Contemporary Art in Malaga between 2007-2010), Warriors of XI’AN (in the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia), Pharaohs (in collaboration with the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Cairo), Picasso and TV (in collaboration with the Picasso Museum in Malaga, Kuntmuseum Pablo Picasso Münster and the Bancaja Foundation) CASE STUDY. Body, space and time in Bruce Nauman (in collaboration with IVAM), Videogames from tilt to byte (in collaboration with the MuVIM)…

Our experience allows us to adapt both to the needs and investment possibilities of each centre or institution, as well as to the resources available for each project. We have teams of professionals covering all areas of the museum project, adapting to the size and requirements of each individual project.

That is why we offer the possibility of intervening in any phase of the project or in its entirety, working closely with the curator in adapting content, design, management or technical assistance in production. We have a consultancy service offering ad hoc or partial advice on any museographic aspect or solution requested: the overall exhibition project, production, guidance, travelling exhibitions or technical curatorship.